Sex. I know, it’s just as weird for me to type it as it is for you to read it. But, we’re gonna talk about it–a lot. It’s the focus of this whole website! No, I don’t mean the actual sex you’ll be having with your partner to conceive your baby. I mean “sex” as in girl or boy. And I don’t mean “gender.” Let’s clear up the confusion right now. Sex refers to the physical characteristics and genetic makeup of a person, whereas gender refers to a person’s behavior, social interaction with others, and role in society. Throughout this website, we will use the term sex instead of gender. The reason I’m making a hard distinction is because it is the crux of this discussion.

Of course it feels more comfortable to say, “Did you find out your baby’s gender yet?” rather than “Did you find out the sex of the baby?” but really sex is the only accurate term to be used when discussing the genetic makeup and physical characteristics of your baby. Just a little PSA to my Babydusters 🙂

*Babydust to all*