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Also, The Babydust Method fertility tracking app has been put on hold. We'd like to recommend the app Premom in the meantime!

Welcome to The Babydust Method!

What if you could choose the sex of your baby?

There are many existing sex-selection methods out there, but parents have come to find out that these methods are confusing and unreliable… The Babydust Method is a natural sex-selection approach based on the latest scientific evidence.

The details of the science behind the method and how to use it to dramatically increase your chances of conceiving the sex of your choice can be found in the ebook (the link will take you to Amazon!)

To get started, go to the SHOP tab to order The Babydust Method book and tests (ordering and shipping is through Amazon!) We recommend reading the Babydust book first, and then joining the Facebook forum. The forum is meant to supplement, not replace the book!

The Babydust Method Group Forum is the ideal place for you to connect with other women who are going through the same thing you are– trying to conceive a girl or a boy. You can chat about the specifics about conceiving the sex of your choice, testing, charting, success stories, and more!

The Babydust Method Group Form is a place for you to share and discuss all things Babydust. See you on Facebook!

*Babydust to all*

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