I’m encouraging you now to think about why you want a girl or a boy. Do you want to dress your daughter up in cute outfits and bows and play dolls with her? Do you want to watch football with your son and wrestle with him? I can’t promise your child will do any of that infofurmanner.de. My daughter pulls the bows out of her hair one minute after I put them in. My son has no interest in even catching a ball, let alone sitting down to watch a football game. We’re only talking about the sex here, not the gender. The sex of your baby only pertains to which sexual organs your baby will have and how your baby will procreate one day.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to choose your child’s sex. I wanted a boy first, then a girl, and I got exactly that! I’m so happy I have one of each. I want every other mom and dad out there to have that same feeling 🙂

*Babydust to all*